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Yesika Medina
Capsuling Specialist, Barberà del Vallès
Nov 02, 2023

Expect to impact

At Siegfried, I feel the impact that my work has on patients.

I’ve been working since I was very young and studying at the same time. At age 35, I knew I wanted a career change, so I studied for a Higher Degree in Industrial Chemistry in order to work in the pharmaceutical industry. I first came into contact with Novartis as a patient, and my goal became to one day work at their plant in Barberà [now part of the Siegfried network since 2021]. My time came in 2018, when I started working at the plant and was able to make my own contribution to the sector.

In Barberà, I was fortunate to start out in the inhalation process area and see the start-up process, so I felt like I was a part of it from the beginning. They’ve always listened to us and asked for our opinion. What surprised me most when I started out was the state-of-the-art technology and tight quality protocols. That’s when you understand the direct impact of your work on the patient, and you have to be extremely careful because, in our case, it’s a product that’s inhaled directly into the lungs.

I spent almost a year training on the capsule filler – a machine with as many as 1000 parts to assemble and disassemble. By now I know even the screws inside out! I love my job and being close up with the machinery. I’m very passionate about the mechanical side, as it breaks the routine. In fact, I spend so many hours with the machine that sometimes I know what’s wrong with it just by listening to it.

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