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Our strategy

Our “EVOLVE” strategy aims to further strengthen our position as a leading integrated supplier to the pharmaceutical industry by expanding our existing business, enhancing our product offerings along the value chain and diversifying into new and adjacent business segments.

The trends driving our sustainable business model

Pharmaceutical companies increasingly outsource manufacturing, focusing instead on their fundamental value drivers:

Increased focus on R&D and marketing and distribution

Pharmaceutical companies are shifting their focus from in-house process development and production, opting for a more asset light manufacturing set-up. Instead of investing into captive manufacturing capacities they focus on key value drivers such as R&D, marketing and distribution.

Need for flexible production

Changing growth trajectories and various requirements along the lifecycle of a drug can be met by a flexible outsourced capacity rather than a static captive manufacturing capacity of a pharma company, whilst at the same time benefiting from the increased economies of scale of a CDMO that can better utilize its capacity.

Increased importance of small and medium pharmaceutical players

A large proportion of the pharmaceutical development pipeline originates from small to mid-sized pharmaceutical companies, which are very reserved with respect to investing in in-house process development or manufacturing capacities, relying instead on outsourcing to a large extent.

Increased complexity of the pharmaceutical supply chain

New pharmaceutical entities and medicinal therapies are often facing more complex development and manufacturing challenges. Hence, these products benefit even more from an integrated offering of drug substances and drug products by reducing supply chain complexity as well as “time-to-market”.

Proactive lifecycle management

During the lifecycle of a drug, innovative pharmaceutical companies are faced with changing demand patterns, which require a corresponding adaptation of manufacturing capacities. Large scale, diversified CDMOs can adapt their manufacturing portfolio more flexibly to the needs of their customers.

Our business model

Siegfried offers contract development and manufacturing of APIs and finished dosage forms.

Our integrated approach ensures a comprehensive range of services from process development and optimization to registration, production, packaging and logistics, addressing the challenges of the outsourcing trend in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Our "EVOLVE" strategy

We strengthen our core and expand into adjacencies through organic investments and M&A.

Siegfried is a leading player in a still fragmented market and strives to shape the CDMO industry by strongly growing our global presence and technology portfolio. With the implementation of our “EVOLVE” strategy, we seek to further strengthen our position in the CDMO industry.

Our strategy is built on three main pillars which offer further growth options through organic investment or M&A:

Grow existing core

Strengthen our current value proposition to fully exploit the significant potential in small molecules with a focus on:

  • Small molecule drug substances and drug products
  • Complex chemistry
  • Oral / inhalation solid dosage forms
  • Sterile and aseptic liquid dosage forms
  • Integrated offering of drug substance and drug product services

Add and integrate adjacencies

Diversify into new CDMO market segments, integrating them into our core business with a focus on:

  • Formulation and aseptic fill & finish of large molecules
  • Particle technologies
  • Oral / inhalation solid dosage forms
  • Drug product delivery systems
  • Drug substance antibody drug conjugates (ADC)

Enter and grow new areas

Expand into other high-growth areas within the CDMO business model with a focus on:

  • Drug substance antibodies
  • Cell & gene therapy
  • Viral vectors
  • Bioengineered vaccines
  • Data analytics
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