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Our talented employees are at the core of our expertise in science and technology. We prioritize personal growth and foster an inclusive and safe working environment, where employees are empowered to deliver exceptional performance.

Health and safety

As a service provider to the chemical/pharmaceutical industry and as a leading provider of highly active and controlled substances, occupational safety is at the core of everything we do. 

We strive for a culture of zero accidents, whether on the job or during leisure time. We believe in proactive risk management and we are convinced that each accident is avoidable. We promote a safety mindset in our employees through various training programs and campaigns such as our “Passion for Zero” program, or the five cardinal safety rules:

  • Consistent use of personal protective equipment
  • Completion of required pre-employment safety training for new employees
  • Full protection when working from height
  • Ensuring that the workplace is safe before starting maintenance work
  • Zero tolerance for removal or by-passing of safety devices

To ensure the highest health and safety standards, authorities, insurance companies and customers regularly audit us. Siegfried works closely with professional service partners including industrial specialists who control and monitor our premises around the clock and supervise our central alarm system. We are committed to complying with all applicable governmental and local programs, such as ISO45001, Responsible Care and ChemStewards® as well as the legal and internal Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) requirements.


Siegfried is committed to offering an equal opportunity work environment, where employees are comfortable to grow personally and professionally, advance innovation and deliver top performance. 

We are dedicated to fostering diversity, inclusion and equity internally as well as along our supply chain. As a global employer, we believe that an inclusive and diverse workforce that understands and respects cultural differences is critical for our future success and for driving innovation.

As codified in our Diversity, Inclusion and Equality policy and Code of Conduct, we do not tolerate any form of discrimination and we take any complaints relating to bullying, harassment, victimization and unlawful discrimination seriously. We value and treat everyone equally regardless of gender and gender identity, disability, race, ethnicity, national origin, cultural and social background, sexual orientation, age, tenure, marital and parental status, language, professional and industry background, veteran status, geographical experience, personal characteristics, religious belief, and diversity of thought.

Education and training

With a mastery of science and technology at the core of our mission, investing in our people's skills and capabilities is pivotal to Siegfried's success, enhancing our competitive edge and readiness for future challenges.

We value ongoing education and training at all employee levels, and create the environment required and provide the necessary resources to make this possible. The Siegfried Academy, which is an integral part of our human resources strategy and agenda, aims to provide a platform that integrates all learning and development activities and offerings. It is designed to support our employees in their individual development and growth, while at the same time supporting Siegfried’s strategy and growth ambitions. The six pillars of the Siegfried Academy (People/Social Skills, Business Skills, Technical Skills, Development Tools, Leadership Programs and Horizons), with our corporate values at their core, aim to cover a focused range of learning and development opportunities that are essential for the success of our company and our employees.

Expect to grow

No matter what stage of your career you are at, Siegfried offers exciting challenges and ample opportunities to showcase your talents.

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