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Media Release Apr 18, 2024

Siegfried increases distribution to the shareholders and all proposals of the Board of Directors are approved

Siegfried Holding AG’s shareholders approved all proposals of the Board of Directors. They approved the increase in the distribution to shareholders in the form of repayment from share capital from CHF 3.40 to CHF 3.60 per registered share.

The 121st Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Siegfried Holding AG held in the Stadtsaal Zofingen was attended by 221 shareholders representing 65.6% of the share capital. The AGM passed the following resolutions:

  • The annual report, the annual financial statements, and the consolidated financial statements for the 2023 financial year, as well as the report on non-financial matters were approved.
  • The proposal for the capital reduction by repayment of the nominal value in the amount of CHF 3.60 per registered share and distribution such amount to the entitled shareholders (instead of a dividend) was approved. The reduction amount will be paid out to the shareholders on 7 May 2024. The payment will be made to the shareholders holding the Siegfried shares on the day preceding payment (Record Date). Hence, shareholders acquiring shares by no later than 2 May 2024 (Cum Date) on the stock exchange are entitled to receive payment.
  • The renewal of the capital band to increase the share capital by a maximum of 10% with a maximum term until 18 April 2029 and the recreation of conditional capital in the amount of 5% of the share capital were approved.
  • The Board of Directors was granted discharge.
  • The remuneration report for the 2023 financial year was approved in an advisory vote. The maximum remuneration of the Board of Directors for the coming term of office, the maximum fixed remuneration of the Executive Committee for the 2025 financial year, the short-term performance-related remuneration of the Executive Committee for the 2023 financial year, and the long-term performance-related remuneration for the current financial year in the form of performance share units were approved.
  • The existing members of the Board of Directors – Dr. Alexandra Brand, Elodie Carr-
    Cingari, Isabelle Welton, Prof. Dr. Wolfram Carius, Dr. Andreas Casutt, Dr. Martin Schmid and Dr. Beat Walti – were reelected for a further term of office.
  • Andreas Casutt was confirmed as Chairman of the Board.
  • The Remuneration Committee will continue to be composed of Isabelle Welton,
    Martin Schmid and Dr. Beat Walti.
  • Rolf Freiermuth, attorney-at-law in Zofingen, and PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Basel, were reelected as independent voting proxy and external auditors, respectively.

About Siegfried

The Siegfried Group is a global life sciences company with sites in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Malta, the USA and China. In 2023, the company achieved sales of CHF 1.272 billion and employed on 31.12.2023 more than 3700 people at twelve sites on three continents. Siegfried Holding AG is publicly listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (SIX: SFZN).

Siegfried is active in manufacturing pharmaceutical APIs (and their intermediates) as well as drug products (tablets, capsules, sterile vials, ampoules, cartridges and ointments) for the pharmaceutical industry and provides development services.

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