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Marion Heckenroth – Senior DA Chemists Manager, Evionnaz
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“I studied at the University of Fribourg and obtained my PhD in organometallic chemistry in 2009. After three years as a production chemist in a company specializing in pesticides, in March 2012, I joined the Evionnaz site as a chemist in the analytical development department. Since 2018, I am responsible for a team of six chemists assigned to the analytical development of new projects.

Working for Siegfried brings me enormous satisfaction. On the one hand, I have the genuine feeling of helping people, since we are in the pharmaceutical industry. On the other hand, my daily work routine fully meets my expectations. There is no typical day; every day we are confronted with extremely different situations. Our strength certainly lies in our ability to work benevolently between different teams. With our flexibility, we are able to put together cross-functional teams very quickly to work together to find the innovative solutions that make us so successful with our customers. I am also fortunate to be able to regularly collaborate with the other Siegfried Group sites and participate in investment projects that enable us to equip ourselves with new analytical technologies. The skills, experience and passion of our teams are a real source of inspiration and motivation for me.

As for the future, the recognition of the Evionnaz site as a location for the launch of new products and the construction of the new laboratory center give me full confidence in the future of our site.”

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