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Paco Ocaña
Liquids Coordinator, El Masnou
Nov 02, 2023

Expect to thrive

At Siegfried, our work environment is cooperative and my voice is always heard.

I started working at the El Masnou plant 26 years ago. All these years, I’ve been lucky enough to work in different departments, including weighing, liquids, ointments, conditioning, providing support for engineering projects– I love switching things up! Changing your work environment refreshes your ideas. I admit that I might be somewhat overenthusiastic about work. I’ve made great friends here. Returning to production this last year, I realized that I’m really made to help create these miraculous little capsules of medicine.

Throughout my career, I’ve seen how the way we work has changed. Before, the structure was much more hierarchical. Now, it’s evolved into a much more participative and cooperative working environment. Feeling that you’re part of a whole and that your voice is heard is a very rewarding feeling. I’ve learned a lot from my bosses because they’ve appreciated the work I do, but they’ve also taught me in times when things weren’t going so well. So I’ve continued learning every day.

At Siegfried, I now have a new challenge: to be part of the SAP implementation team and pass on this knowledge to those who are going to use it! This challenge fills me with great pride and satisfaction.

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