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Aminophylline Hydrous


General information

Aminophylline is a drug combination that contains theophylline and ethylenediamine in a 2:1 ratio. After ingestion, theophylline is released from aminophylline, and theophylline relaxes the smooth muscle of the bronchial airways and pulmonary blood vessels and reduces airway responsiveness to histamine, methacholine, adenosine, and allergen. Aminophylline is indicated for the treatment of lung diseases such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, and COPD.

About the API

Therapeutic areas

Respiratory system


USP, Ph. Eur.

Regulatory documentation


Production location


Standard pack size

Standard pack size

Physical properties

White to yellowish white fine powder

Typical formulation types

Oral solid, oral liquid, injectable, injectable long-acting

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