Work Environment

Siegfried places highest priority on providing a flexible, diverse and discrimination-free working environment in which employees can develop personally and professionally, advance innovation and deliver superior performance. 

Flexible Working Arrangements

We aim to create and maintain secure and attractive jobs at all of our sites providing competitive working conditions while aligning interests of the company with those of our employees. Siegfried attaches great importance to maintaining a balance between work, family and leisure time allowing their employees to be and remain healthy, efficient, creative and successful. Important elements in achieving this goal are given by the possibility to designing worktime flexibly, working part-time and taking unpaid leave.


As a global company, we serve customers around the world and are used to work and operate in a multicultural environment. We consider diversity to be enriching for our company and employees and regard it as source for innovation. Siegfried is committed to creating and nurturing a diverse and inclusive environment in which every individual employee feels valued and respected and can develop to their full potential.


We do not tolerate any form of discrimination based on sex, race, ethnic background, religion or ideology as well as physical or mental disabilities, and consider our corporate culture to be an important foundation. It is based on the values of respect, loyalty, credibility, sustainability and compliance, and our Code of Business Conduct. For all Siegfried employees, the values and the Code of Business Conduct bindingly and uniformly set out the expectations concerning our interactions with one another.


We put emphasis on regular, transparent and open communication allowing all employees to develop a good understanding of the strategy and the economic interrelations and the resulting acceptance of corporate goals and department objectives. Information events and workshops are carried out several times a year with the aim of promoting dialog and an exchange of information between employees and Executive Management. 

Social Partnership

Siegfried looks back on a long tradition of solution-oriented cooperation with employees in the spirit of social partnership. Siegfried respects the right of each employee to join an employee representation or a union. We cultivate direct, transparent and constructive dialog with all representatives of employees and unions. 

Adherence to International Labor Standards

At all sites we unconditionally respect the local statutory regulations concerning labor and the international standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO). Siegfried remunerates its employees above the legal minimum wage and does not employ minors.

Employer’s Expectations

Regardless of position, every Siegfried employee is expected to uphold the key values of the Siegfried culture, the Code of Conduct as well as all legal and regulatory regulations. Upon joining Siegfried all Siegfried employees are trained on the company policies and procedures as well as all aspects relevant for their position.



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