Leadership and Values

In recent years, Siegfried experienced as a company a dynamic growth phase. The company grew from three sites to now nine sites in six countries on three continents. Each site contributes its own history and each employee his or her own values, attitudes, cultural imprint, working habits, needs and ambitions. 

Siegfried’s corporate values and leadership principles symbolize a foundation on which cooperation and a uniform and strong corporate culture can be shared and developed.

Our Leadership Principles

Our leadership model including the key corporate values illustrates, on the one hand, what we expect from our leaders and, on the other hand, what employees may expect from their leader. 


Driving results

  • Making decisions
    Make clear decisions, identify alternatives, take calculated risks and assume responsibility.
  • Driving implementation
    Involve relevant stakeholders, use key performance indicators to monitor results, act pragmatically and follow up in a consistent and disciplined fashion.

Managing change & innovation 

  • Fostering innovation
    Know your own discipline, think outside the box, break out of routines and change perspectives, challenge the status quo and allow unconventional ideas and ways of thinking.
  • Leading change processes
    Promote, communicate and drive change, reduce barriers to change, create acceptance by involving employees in change processes at an early stage and accept that it takes time for processes and behavior to change.

Focusing on customers

  • Ensuring quality
    Exchange customer-specific know-how, cultivate quality in your own sphere of responsibility and ensure that problems are dealt with promptly and sustainably.
  • Delivering service and value.
    Promise only what can be delivered, listen to customers, constantly seek opportunities to improve customer satisfaction and demonstrate a professional service mindset towards internal and external clients.

Embodying and exemplifying values and business standards

  • Acting reliably
    Assume responsibility for mistakes without blaming it on others or on circumstances, be predictable, stand by your decisions and adhere to laws and regulations.
  • Being a role model
    Set an example through your own behavior, be visible and accessible, act transparently and walk the talk.

Leading and developing people

  • Empowering people
    Delegate responsibility and avoid micro-management, invest in the development of employees, learn from mistakes and develop team spirit and foster cooperation within your own and other teams.  
  • Managing performance

    Communicate clear expectations and targets, celebrate good performance, address low performance openly and respectfully, defining clear expectations and consequences and foster a feedback culture.

Leading and developing organization

  • Excelling operationally
    Build a learning organization, foster effective communication and knowledge-sharing, think holistically and entrepreneurially, be cost-conscious and share experiences across functions and sites.
  • Driving business growth
    Translate corporate strategy into action in your own department, innovate and increase organizational capacity, think global and act local and recognize the value of both short-term profitability and long-term success.

Our Corporate Values

Our common values of excellence, passion, integrity, quality, and sustainability forge a link between us and our customers, business partners, and investors. They create a common basis for action and shape a corporate culture that extends beyond national borders. They ensure clarity and engagement in our dealings with others and provide a firm foundation for our mutual understanding, cultural differences, and entrepreneurial success.

  • Excellence
    "We excel in everything we do"
  • Passion
    "We deeply care about what we do and how we do it"
  • Integrity
    "We act responsibly, reliably, respectfully and live up to our own standards"
  • Quality
    "We do it right first time"
  • Sustainability
    "We do not just think about tomorrow, but way beyond"
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