Laboratory Assistant, Analytics (f/m)

Laboratory Assistant, Analytics

At our headquarters in Zofingen, we are regularly seeking Laboratory Assistants for the three teams within the Analytics Department (Analytic Development, In-Process Control and Quality Control). Assistants are required at all levels (employee, senior and expert) to ensure the quality of our incoming raw materials as well as the intermediate and finished products (active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)) manufactured for our customers around the globe.

Are you interested in a position as Laboratory Assistant Analytics at Siegfried AG in Zofingen? Take a look at our job portal or register in our Talent Pool for Laboratory Assistant Analytics if there are no open jobs at the moment. We are looking forward to receiving your application.

How we support your career

As one of about 50 employees working in our Analytics Department's laboratories, you will find a varied range of opportunities for professional and personal development. With a good performance record and as you gather experience, you can gradually take on more technical responsibility. Regardless of your level, we shall also support you by providing in-house and external training, provided your performance is adequate.

Participation in cross-departmental improvement projects and the ongoing expansion of our technology portfolio will also offer exciting possibilities for your development. Networking with our other facilities in China, the US, France and Germany often opens up additional opportunities for you to apply for shorter- or longer-term assignments or vacant positions abroad.

What we offer you

  • Extensive insights into various areas of the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients, from development through to registration.
  • Analytical laboratories with modern equipment and all the technologies required to analyze chemical raw materials, intermediate products and APIs.
  • Close collaboration with Chemical Development, Sales, Production, Quality Assurance, Registration or Purchasing, depending on the team you join.

The challenges that await you

No raw materials are used in production and no goods leave Siegfried AG without conclusive analytics. This means that several activities play relevant parts in ensuring the success of the department – and, therefore, of the entire company:

  • Development and validation of robust and efficient analytical methods.
  • Prompt completion of analyses: this enables efficient production and avoids production stoppages, as well as ensuring compliance with delivery deadlines and undertakings given to customers.
  • Quality: all work must comply with in-company standards, customers' requirements and official regulations. It is essential that all employees display appropriate attitudes (in terms of ethics and values) to ensure that quality is maintained and errors are dealt with openly.
  • Knowledge, technical portfolio: all the techniques required to analyze active pharmaceutical ingredients are available at Drug Substance Analytics in Zofingen. For each of these techniques, adequate numbers of experts must be available to handle more complex tasks and troubleshooting related to the techniques.
  • Interaction, communication: the Analytics Department interfaces with numerous activities and entities. It is therefore particularly important that laboratory assistants cooperate and communicate effectively across departmental boundaries. 

What you bring to us

  • Depending on your level: a qualification as chemical and pharmaceutical technician, chemical assistant, chemical laboratory assistant, a degree in chemical technology or a chemistry degree from a university of applied sciences
  • Professional experience of operating (multi-purpose) plants and control systems in chemical or pharmaceutical production
  • Knowledge of the basic operations in chemical production (preparation, crystallization, filtration, distillation and separation, etc.)
  • Readiness to work shifts
  • High levels of safety and quality awareness, readiness to be flexible and to undergo further training at the workplace
  • Experience in a GMP-regulated working environment is an advantage
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