Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technician / Chemical Assistant (f/m)

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technician / Chemical Assistant (f/m)

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Innerhalb Umkreis 20 km   CHF 1'000.– pro Jahr
Ausserhalb Umkreis 20 km   CHF 2'500.– pro Jahr
Ausserhalb Umkreis 40 km   CHF 5'000.– pro Jahr


3-Schichtbetrieb   CHF 1'110.– pro Monat
4-Schichtbetrieb   CHF 1'755.– pro Monat

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  • 13 zusätzliche Feiertagsgutschriften, auch wenn an Feiertagen nicht gearbeitet wird
  • Zwei freie Wochenenden in einem 4-Schichtbetrieb

Our Zofingen headquarters is equipped with a wide range of development and multi-purpose production plants for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). At this facility, we are regularly seeking chemical and pharmaceutical technicians at all levels for the manufacture of complex intermediate pharmaceutical products and active ingredients (mostly produced on large-scale plants with multi-stage synthesis processes), and also for development, scale-up and small-scale production on pilot plants.

Are you interested in a position as Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technician at Siegfried AG in Zofingen? Take a look at our job portal or register in our Talent Pool for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technicians if there are no open jobs at the moment. We are looking forward to receiving your application.

How we support your career

With some 250 chemical and pharmaceutical technicians at the Zofingen site, there are varied opportunities for you to develop at either technical or management level. Regardless of their level, we support employees with longer periods of service and good performance records by providing in-house and external training. Career steps into other areas such as planning, logistics and project management are also possible, provided that the employee has acquired suitable experience and has undergone appropriate additional training. Networking with our other facilities in China, the US, France and Germany will also create frequent opportunities for you to apply for shorter- or longer-term assignments or vacant positions abroad. 

What we offer you

  • A varied and challenging work environment due to our extensive and constantly changing product portfolio and our range of multi-purpose plants
  • Short decision pathways and a broad area of responsibility
  • For suitable candidates, there are opportunities for international assignments at our facilities in China, the US and Europe
  • Attractive shift model with flexible allocation of free days
  • Attractive compensation with generous shift allowances
  • Diverse opportunities for development within our company 

The challenges that await you

We are investing in our Zofingen facility, and we are pleased to note a constant increase in the numbers of our international customers and manufactured products. At the same time, we have to face shorter times-to-market, stricter regulatory requirements and strong global competition. Should you be recruited, we therefore expect you to:

  • contribute actively to the ongoing improvement of existing production processes and to the successful establishment of new processes;
  • take an open-minded approach to new regulatory issues such as new safety, quality or documentation requirements, and implement them conscientiously;
  • have a detailed knowledge of our existing plants in the various production buildings, and quickly acquire the knowledge required for new plants so that you can also assist your colleagues in other shift teams where necessary;
  • maintain an open culture of communication and feedback in order to constantly improve collaboration within and among the shift teams;
  • set the highest standards of safety, quality and efficiency in your work and exploit every opportunity to continue developing your technical and social skills.  

What you bring to us

  • Depending on your level: a qualification as chemical and pharmaceutical technician, chemical assistant, chemical laboratory assistant, a degree in chemical technology or a chemistry degree from a university of applied sciences
  • Professional experience of operating (multi-purpose) plants and control systems in chemical or pharmaceutical production
  • Knowledge of the basic operations in chemical production (preparation, crystallization, filtration, distillation and separation, etc.)
  • Readiness to work shifts
  • High levels of safety and quality awareness, readiness to be flexible and to undergo further training at the workplace
  • Experience in a GMP-regulated working environment is an advantage
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