Shareholders’ Meeting Approves all Proposals of Board of Directors

The shareholders of Siegfried Holding AG approved all proposals put forward by the Board of Directors. They approved the increase of the distribution to the shareholders in the form of a repayment of the nominal value of the shares from 2.60 to 2.80 francs per registered share. Isabelle Welton was appointed to the Board of Directors of Siegfried Holding AG. The shareholders approved the remuneration of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.

The company’s 117th Annual Shareholders’ Meeting was held without physical attendance of shareholders in accordance with the Swiss Federal Council’s Covid-19 Ordinance. Voting was possible only via the independent voting proxy ahead of the Meeting. The event was transmitted on the internet per livestream. The Shareholders’ Meeting passed the following resolutions:

  • The annual report, the annual financial statements and the consolidated financial statements for the 2019 financial year were approved. Discharge was granted to the Board of Directors.
  • The appropriation of the retained earnings as well as the reduction and repayment of the nominal value of the shares of 2.80 francs per registered share and the distribution of the reduction amount to the eligible shareholders (instead of a dividend) were approved.
  • The maximum remuneration of the Board of Directors for the coming term of office, the maximum fixed remuneration of the Executive Committee for the 2021 financial year, the short-term performance-related remuneration for the 2019 financial year, and the long-term performance-related remuneration of the Executive Committee for the current financial year in the form of performance share units were approved
  • The existing members of the Board of Directors – Ulla Schmidt, Colin Bond, Prof. Dr. Wolfram Carius, Dr. Andreas Casutt, Reto Garzetti and Dr. Martin Schmid – were reelected for a further term of office. Dr. Rudolf Hanko did not stand for reelection.
  • Isabelle Welton was elected to the Board of Directors.
  • Dr. Andreas Casutt was confirmed as Chairman of the Board.
  • The Remuneration Committee now consists of Isabelle Welton, Reto Garzetti and Dr. Martin Schmid.
  • Finally, Rolf Freiermuth, a lawyer from Zofingen, was appointed as independent voting proxy, and PricewaterhouseCoopers, Basel, was reconfirmed as external auditors.

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About Siegfried
The Siegfried Group is a global life sciences company with sites in Switzerland, the USA, Malta, China, Germany and France. In 2019, the company achieved sales of 833.5 million Swiss francs and currently employs about 2500 people at nine sites on three continents. Siegfried Holding AG is publicly listed on SIX Swiss Exchange (SIX: SFZN).

Siegfried is active in manufacturing pharmaceutical APIs (and their intermediates) as well as drug products (tablets, capsules, sterile vials, ampoules, and cartridges) for the pharmaceutical industry and provides development services. 


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