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Patric Roth
Senior Specialist Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology
Jul 01, 2024

Expect to be valued

At Siegfried, I feel involved in the decisions made and I am appreciated for the quality of my work.

I’ve been a member of the Siegfried team since 2022, and in my role, every day brings something new as I work shifts. My day typically begins with a shift handover meeting with the previous team, followed by providing instructions and assignments to my team to ensure we are all aligned on the day’s objectives.

What I appreciate most about working at Siegfried is the close connection I have with my colleagues and the numerous development opportunities available. Despite the company’s global presence and size, I feel like an important part of the system. I’m actively involved in decision-making processes and meetings, contributing to the continuous improvement and optimization of our work processes.

Siegfried has been instrumental in my professional development. I had the opportunity to complete a Leadership Education Advancement Program (LEAP) course, which significantly enhanced my team leadership skills. Additionally, Siegfried offers numerous benefits that positively impact my family life, making me feel valued and appreciated by the company.

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