St. Vulbas, France

Siegfried St. Vulbas is a facility specialized in custom synthesis of active ingredients and intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry. The chemicals plant, built in 1993, employs nearly 150 people in a wide variety of fields, ranging from production, laboratories and logistics to quality assurance, safety, administration and more. 

Main activities

  • Production in strict compliance with quality standards (GMPs)
  • Ensuring perfect compliance with safety, health protection and environmental standards

Unique features

  • 141 m³ production capacity: reactors from 2 to 8 m³
  • Highly flexible plant that can be quickly adapted to different processes
  • 2 cryogenic reactors: 4 and 16 m³, – 100° C
  • Highly qualified, flexible staff in all departments 

Strategic impact

  • Facility highly specialized in niche technologies
  • Ability to tailor processes to customer needs
  • Manufacture of products in the development stage (chemical phase) or market-ready custom synthesis and generic products.

Zahlen und Fakten

Anzahl Vollzeitstellen: 110
Produktionskapazität: 141 m³
Kompetenzen: APIs, intermediates, and custom synthesis

Offene Stellen

Derzeit keine offenen Stellen an diesem Standort


Siegfried St. Vulbas SAS
Parc Industriel de la Plaine de l‘Ain
530 Allée de la Luye
01150 Saint Vulbas

Phone  +33 9 71 16 91 00


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