Our corporate philosophy is anchored in safety and environmental protection, along with quality and operating efficiency. Accident prevention is one of our top priorities. Whether on the job or during leisure time, we believe each accident can be avoided and the risk of every danger reduced.

As a chemical-pharmaceutical company and a leading provider of controlled substances, occupational safety is a very important aspect at Siegfried, and the company works closely with professional service partners. Industrial specialists control and monitor the situation on the company’s premises around the clock and supervise its central alarm system. 

Policy Guidelines and Key Figures

Siegfried is a member of the “scienceindustries Switzerland”, the umbrella association Chemie Pharma Biotec, and has signed the Responsible Care® program in 1992. The worldwide initiative signifies the determination of the chemical-pharmaceutical industry to strive for continuous improvement in the areas of safety, health and environmental protection, irrespective of statutory requirements, and to publicly present its progress on a regular basis.

In 2006, Siegfried signed the ChemStewards® program of SOCMA (Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates), which is applied at the sites in the USA. The program focuses on the primary goals of stakeholder communication, product responsibility, the implementation of SHE & S from planning to operations, training and the commitment of employees as well as resource management and waste minimization.

The principles and contents of these various programs and systems are summarized in a global SHE policy, which was introduced in 2006. It is binding for all sites. This policy describes Siegfried’s philosophy of safety, health and environmental protection to employees, suppliers, business partners, customers, shareholders, the authorities and the public.

The management of Siegfried determines the SHE business policy and ensures that it is understood and practiced at all levels. The goals and programs concerning safety are developed within the medium-term planning process and reviewed on a regular basis.

Energy and Climate Change

The production of active pharmaceutical ingredients is energy intensive because, as a rule, it embraces several chemical stages. Moreover, some syntheses are sometimes carried out at either very high or very low temperatures. Both cases require a considerable amount of energy. Many of the initial products required for the production of drugs are petrochemical products. As Siegfried relies on petrochemical products, we show an interest in handling natural resources with consideration. That is one aspect; another is that the company and its employees are highly interested in containing the negative effects of global climate warming. We make an active contribution to this goal by returning waste material to the internal materials cycle.

Waste and Contamination

By its very nature the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients results in the accumulation of large quantities of waste because manufacturing processes are complex and lengthy. The waste contains by-products of a synthesis which are sometimes harmful for human health and the environment. It is therefore important that this kind of waste is handled with care in order to prevent negative influences on eco-systems. Siegfried meets all requirements of the authorities and is in possession of the necessary licenses. Siegfried meets the defined environmental standards and cultivates regular dialog and an exchange of ideas with the environmental authorities.

Safety and Health

Efficient and safe chemical processes are two core elements of process development. As a rule, all chemical processes undergo extensive environmental and safety tests during their development. Our internal safety labs employ well-trained specialists and state-of-the-art measuring instruments for the physical and thermal testing of materials. Flammability, the risk of explosion, as well as the response in normal operation and in the event of emergency are tested and analyzed. The findings are summarized in a safety and environmental report and assessed in a subsequent process risk analysis.

Ensuring Health

Siegfried maintains process technologies with different containment systems for the development and production of highly active substances and ready-to-use drugs. Closed substance handling protects the employees from excessive exposure. Protective clothing with respirators is additionally available where necessary to provide safety at any time. To minimize the risks of contamination Siegfried has installed decontamination stations, airlocks and designated changing areas. Compliance with the workplace thresholds and the effectiveness of the technical installations are monitored and periodically tested by SHE.

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