Corporate Principles

The combination of synthesis and formulation represents an attractive market opportunity for the long-term viability of the company and jobs.

  • We intend to remain an independent company.
  • We strive for market leadership in clearly defined market segments – by differentiating ourselves from competitors and gaining a sustainable competitive advantage through the intelligent use of our resources.
  • We want to be seen as a service-oriented company; targeted development of technology and know-how serve to enhance our ties to the customer.

Leadership and Values

In 2016, Siegfried introduced new guidelines for all sites concerning “Leadership and Values”. The corporate values of excellene, passion, integrity, quality, and sustainability represent the core of the leadership model. By creating a shared basis for action and bringing life to corporate culture beyond national borders, these five core values form the basis that connects Siegfried with all of its stakeholders. They provide clarity and commitment to our dealings with each other and form a basis for understanding cultural differences and our entrepreneurial success. These five core values help to translate our strategy and our brand into concrete behavior and actions. The aim of these values is to serve as an internal compass and to embrace corporate sustainability.

Political Representation of Interest

Reliable parameters and social acceptance of its corporate targets provide Siegfried with a stable environment for success also in its long-term activities. 

Remaining in dialog with society, politics and governments is a part of sustainable corporate management and allows us to find viable solutions. This dialog is subject to Siegfried’s entrepreneurial principles and based on the values of honesty and objectivity. 

Exchange with political bodies and political decision makers serves to maintain good parameters for the industry in general and, in particular, for the chemical-pharmaceutical industry. We are committed to a competitive location, an innovative environment as the basis for research and development, and an outstanding educational system in the vocational and academic areas. Free market access on a global basis is of great significance for Siegfried.

Social Responsibility

Siegfried’s responsibility goes beyond the immediate influence of the company. Within our scope of possibilities, we contribute to a sustainable development of society.

As a responsible economic force and employer, Siegfried is committed socially, culturally, and in sports across Switzerland, and in particular in the Zofingen/Aargau region. For example, the company sponsors:

  • social/civic projects in Switzerland
  • political activities of our employees (through flexible work hours)
  • regional cultural and sports organizations
  • youth-oriented projects

Siegfried dedicates a substantial sum every year to sponsor such activities.

Program concerning Compliance with Legal Regulations

Siegfried’s Board of Directors and the ExeCom are firmly convinced that strict adherence to all applicable laws and strict rejection of all forms of unfair and unethical business behavior should be essential and central elements of Siegfried’s business conduct. Therefore, in all of our business activities, we aim to comply with the high standards concerning performance and corporate responsibility.

Siegfried’s employees and suppliers must be kept informed concerning legal regulations relating to them, and they undertake to act, at all times, in compliance with applicable law, ethical standards and a sense of responsibility. The purpose of the Program concerning compliance with legal regulations, which was comprehensibly revised and implemented globally in 2016, is to raise awareness and to harmonize the understanding within Siegfried of lawful conduct in business dealings. The Program specifies measures that will effectively and efficiently prevent violations of the law and their harmful consequences and penalties for such violations. The Legal Compliance Office coordinates implementation and communication of the program and aims to continuously improve the Program in accordance with current industry standards.


Siegfried stands for a fair competitive environment. To prevent corruption and price fixing, Siegfried trains its sales teams in fair competitive practices. Currently there are no pending suits concerning anti-competitive practices, cartel or monopolistic activities.

Human Rights and Labor Practices

Siegfried takes a clear stand against child labor and human rights violations of any kind. 

Siegfried Holding AG and its affiliated companies support the goals of the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 and strive to be examples of good human rights and labor practices in the field of pharmaceutical contract manufacturing. Siegfried's ethic principles and our understanding of GMP allow no compromise with respect to human rights and especially slavery and human trafficking.

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