Shareholders’ Meeting approves all Board proposals

The Shareholders’ Meeting of Siegfried Holding AG today approved all proposals by the Board of Directors. It endorsed a higher distribution to the Shareholders of CHF 1.80 per share (2015: CHF 1.50). Ulla Schmidt, Vice-President of the German Bundestag, and Martin Schmid, Councilor of State, were elected to the Board. The proposals regarding remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors and of Management have been approved.

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Siegfried’s 113th Annual Shareholders’ Meeting took place at the Zofingen City Hall and was attended by around 220 shareholders and proxies representing about 50% of the shares. The Shareholders approved the following: 

  • The annual report, financial statements and consolidated financial statements for 2015; discharge of the members of the Board of Directors. 
  • Appropriation of retained earnings to free reserves and increased distribution to shareholders from capital contribution reserves of CHF 1.80 per entitled registered share. 
  • Proposals concerning maximum remuneration of Board members until the 2017 Shareholders’ Meeting, fixed remuneration of Executive Management for the 2017 financial year, short-term performance-related remuneration for the 2015 financial year and long-term performance-related remuneration of Executive Management for the current financial year in the form of entitlements. 
  • The following members of the Board were elected for a further term: Colin Bond, Wolfram Carius, Andreas Casutt, Reto Garzetti and Thomas Villiger. The shareholders elected Ulla Schmidt and Martin Schmid to the Board.
  • Re-election of Andreas Casutt as Chairman of Siegfried Holding AG. Separate election of the Remuneration Committee consisting of Reto Garzetti, Thomas Villiger and Martin Schmid. 
  • Appointment of BDO AG, Aarau, as independent proxy representative and PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Basel, as auditors. 

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About Siegfried
The Siegfried Group is active worldwide in the field of Life Sciences with production facilities located in Switzerland, the USA, Malta, China, Germany and France. At the end of 2015, Siegfried reported annual sales of CHF 481 million and employs at the time being approximately 2200 employees at nine locations on three continents. Siegfried Holding AG is listed on the Swiss Exchange (SIX: SFZN).

Siegfried is active in both the primary and secondary production of drugs. The company develops and manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients for the research-based pharmaceutical industry as well as the corresponding intermediates and controlled substances, and provides development and production services for finished dosage forms including sterile filling.


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