With Siegfried as preferred partner, our customers can expect significant benefits. Bringing together our long-standing pharma and chemical heritage, we offer as an integrated supplier benefit to our customers with more synergy, expertise and value.

Explore more about how our broad range of custom development services, drug substance & drug product manufacturing capabilities, together with our existing product portfolio may help you achieve greater value. 

About us

As an internationally recognized outsourcing partner, Siegfried provides products and tailor made services that integrate seamlessly into a customer’s value chain. The company offers pharmaceutical industry partners a comprehensive range of services – from development of drug substances to product development, registration and manufacturing to packaging and logistics. Once a fully integrated pharmaceutical company, Siegfried is one of the few suppliers today that can provide both the drug substance and the drug product development and production capabilities. This combination of know-how and experience is unique for a supplier of development and production services. 

Siegfried has expanded its technology base and geographic presence around the world in the past years. In addition to technological competence and a global presence, full compliance for all products and work processes to ensure safety is a high priority. The company adheres to the most rigorous requirements and quality guidelines in development, production and marketing. Siegfried’s reputation in this area is confirmed by a seamless performance record for audits – carried out by regulatory authorities and clients.

Siegfried’s development and production facilities are located in Switzerland, the USA, Malta, China, Germany, and France. The company currently employs approximately 2300 people and achieved net sales of CHF 481 million in 2015. Siegfried Holding AG is listed on the Swiss Exchange in Zurich (SIX: SFZN).


To be a world-class service partner in the development and manufacture of drug substances and drug products that improve life.


Equipped with the financial means from a capital increase, Siegfried in 2010 launched the “Transform“ strategy consisting of four streams and scored solid implementation success in all aspects. The “Transform” strategy’s main goal was to secure the company’s long-term future and, especially, to reach critical size with annual sales clearly in excess of 500 million Swiss francs. In custom manufacturing, a segment in which Siegfried is active, this amount represents a yardstick of performance in the long run. Other decisive components are innovative key technologies and geographic diversification to Asia. At the end of 2015, Siegfried successfully completed implementation of the “Transform“ strategy and created the preconditions for continued long-term and profitable growth.

Backward Integration

With backward integration to Asia, Siegfried aimed to clearly lower factor costs of the chemical production in order to enhance its competitiveness in the market. The construction of a new production facility in Nantong (China) represented the heart of this stream. In order to ensure synergies, the new facility in Zofingen was built in an identical technical design.

Forward Integration

Thanks to forward integration, Siegfried is reinforced in the area of finished dosage forms. In 2011, we identified sterile filling as an especially attractive business segment. Siegfried today commands a very efficient network in this field as the result of two acquisitions: Alliance Medical Products in Irvine (USA) in 2012 and Hameln Pharmaceuticals in Hameln (Germany) in 2014.


This strategic stream aimed at attractively complementing Siegfried’s technology in key segments. This includes the facility installed in 2012 for the development of high-potency drugs in Zofingen, a production plant for such products installed in Malta at the same time, and the putting into operation of a high performance spray dryer in Pennsville (USA).

Critical Size

Achieving the critical size was one of the most important goals defined by Siegfried. The decisive contribution toward achieving this goal was made by the acquisition of three BASF sites in 2015. As a result, Siegfried today is a leading supplier in the custom manufacturing market.


Pharmapark Siegfried is one of the most attractive pharma parks with a 140-year-old tradition. It is located in the center of the life science cluster in the  northwest of Switzerland in close proximity to the international airports of Zurich and Basel (easy to reach within about one hour). More than 10 years of industry-related inspections by the FDA resulted in «no action indicated». On site, an effective fire brigade enjoys the support of all companies operating in the pharmaceutical park and ensures the highest level of safety. Besides numerous buildings with laboratories, there is sufficient space for new construction (max. 15,000m2). Companies located at Pharmapark Siegfried enjoy tailor-made conditions to suit their needs and have access to all services required by a company active in the drug industry and producing under cGMP conditions.

Companies operating from Pharmapark Siegfried:

Siegfried AG

Siegfried employs about 600 people at the site Zofingen and is leading CMO partner for the global pharmaceutical sector. With nine production sites in six countries on three continents, Siegfried offers a global network.

Bilfinger Industrial Services AG

Approximately 50 people work for Bilfinger in Zofingen. The company undertakes the main part of engineering, maintenance and security at the site.

EBM Industriecontracting GmbH

EBM is responsible for the supply of power and gaz and for the waste disposal at the Pharmapark.

Celgene Chemicals Sarl

The US pharma company owns about 5% of reactor capacity in Zofingen and relates to Siegfried regarding Compliance, IT, and physical steps.

Arena Pharmaceuticals GmbH

The US start-up company Arena owns three floors of building 121 (Pharma production site) and relates to Siegfried regarding HR and IT.

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